dinsdag, januari 18, 2011

Why good therapie tends to be expensive

Not so much because a therapist is expensive. I fortunately live in a country with a solid healthcare system and easy and affordable insurance. My therapist appointments are mostly covered (up to 8 a year and at this point I do not need more. ) I pay a tenner out my pocket which is a steal for having 45 minutes of exclusive me-time.

No the problem for me is the fact that after a really good session like I had last week, I find myself feeling very good and downtown. There where all the clothesshops are.

I try to arrange my appointments on mondaymornings because in Holland shops are closed then.  But this particular day I had an awesome meeting and felt like I could conquer the world when I biked through town at 11. o clock. Which is precisely when H&M opened its doors. I had tried to shop for knits the previous week. Everything I picked out was uggly and didn't fit. I quickly realised that I wasn't really fitting my skin and in those moods shopping is futile. Whatever I buy will never loose it's depressed smell. So I abandonned the shops. Now though, in half an hour I picked 5 things that were equally awesome. Things comfy but also just out of my comfortzone. And remember it was sale. I paid 80 euro's for 240 euro's worth of stuff.

May I present to you the awesome red and white striped dress of assertiveness. It hugs me like an old friend and is knit  from high self esteem.