zaterdag, januari 01, 2011

it is not al gingerbread and tulips over here

Things I haven't done this christmasbreak

make any ornaments
had a frontdoorwreath
send out christmascards (well I send 9 that I let my daughter write, I know more people then that)
bake chritmasgoods beside the chocolates
cooked a meal for visitors
sewing christmasclothes
buying new christmas clothes
had hot chocolate with whipped cream
played any family boardgames
skated on a lake
Had or made any gluhwein
bought nor made or ate any oliebollen
vbought or drank champaigne
toasted on the new year

and which bothers me slightly more
done any of the houseprojects we planned..
or planned partyactivity for my daughters birhtday coming Friday.

But you know what? It was a fantastic relaxed break and it still was christmasand the 1sth of januari came again. We werent quite in the spirit but that meant there were no things we adults wanted to do anwe could focus on what Our children loved. So yesterday evening we counted down the seconds holding hands hugged kissed and went outside to play with fireworks for over an hour. It was lovely......

This post is entirely for Irmhild who thinks cooking a baby during christmas is not enough of a job!

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Irmhild zei

a post, for me!! thank you! growing this baby seems to become more of a job every day now, the belly seems to be getting heavier my back and my legs and my whole body start to ache... will try and take it easier now for the last few weeks (a toddler in her own new bed, that she can get out of, doesn't help though ;-) ) thankfully i have a brilliant husband who really is pulling his weight at the moment