dinsdag, januari 25, 2011

I made cheese!!!

by myself in my simple kitchen. And now I can cross something of my life list. I truly need to update that list. Problem is I already have done that in dutch and I don't really feel like translating. I guess that if I let google translate take care of that I might end up doing really really weird things!

Anyway cheesemaking was number 103 on my new and improved list!  And my chocolats were number 46. The cheese like the chocolats and the mustard (not blogged but yummie and number 50) were from Yvette van Boven's gorgeous cookbook Homemade> The link is to be followed. This is a lady that can do everything. She is a cook a foodstylist and an illustrator. The book is a classic and will find it's way to the rest of the world I am pretty sure!

I just started this cheese on a whim last saturday because I was in de mood. I hadn't really realized how magical this proces is. Luckily my son agreed that this needed to be photographed  and grabbed my camera and started making pictures. He is 8 and the light was out so I am quite content with them. I will do this many many times. It is easy and delicious.

You just get a litre of buttermilk and a litre of whole milk in a big pan. Put on the heat and ad a bit of lemonjuice. Then magic will happen. When you stir there will be a division. Boil for a minute and then get the cottage cheese out. Strain in a sink, add salt and press in an empty doubleopend can with a bit of cloth. After twelve hours you have cheese! I plan on making some with different herbs and trying out goats milk!

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Irmhild zei

cool! well done! you can also use it in curries, look up 'paneer' recipes, it's yummy!

wall decals zei

Very imaginative, great picture, I like! !