zondag, oktober 10, 2010

Why I love Jane Brocket

I do not knit or crochet and I have a love for natural and soft colours. I drink any wine that you give me but you can make me really happy with a good beer too. I do have a love for chocolat and reading but is that enough to read the Gentle art of domesticity again every two to three months?

Apparently it is because I do reread it that often. I am captivated by how sure and proud she is about all those little things you can do in the house that are frivolous and unnecessary especially when you don't clean the toilet that day. I loved the way how she celebrates all those way to loud colours she loves so much. The fun and confidence just jumps out of the book. She got some harsh critics about being untrue to feminism but the book liberated me in a very healthy way. Here I was reading about a woman that won a fight I never realized I was fighting. The shame of doing crafty girly stuff the secret admiration of pink. The gentle books by wise women that I got out of the library but covered with critical harsh ironic tales of man. Books that won prizes because they were literature. Reading this book made me realize I can be who I want to be without being old fashioned. I don't want to be a cynical person who disses cooking form scratch and playing about. I don't want to be ashamed of making a lot less money then my love. The funniest thing I found was that Brocket got scolded for being a housewife and not making money while she wrote a book that got published. That is a job people!

It isn't a useful book in the normal sense of the world but it made me rethink so much. It made me list all the little pleasures that feed my soul so I can actually do them. It made me realize which delightful warm books are really close to my heart and it makes me want to plant a tulip bed and get my toenails painted.

The other domestic book on the picture is a 1950's housekeepers guide. I don't think I would have bought it without owning the frilly pink book!

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Autum zei

Why is it in the name of "feminism" we are supposed to strive to abandon so many of the sweet, soft, happy things that make us just that, feminine? Why is it a woman is criticized for spending time on details that make her home a warm and welcoming place to be? For creating useful things with her hands that come from her heart? I've not read Jane's book, I remember when it came out, it was on my wish list. Not sure why I never bought it, but you've now renewed my interest.