donderdag, oktober 14, 2010

My life list in motion Number 42: Spreading love

Not being able to draw is quite a stupid reason for not drawing so here is one new adventure of secret agent mom . I had so much fun again. First I wrote 100 affirmations wich was an enormously powerful thing to do in it's own right, then I started spreading them. I left smal pieces of paper in a thrifstore, a college, the library, small shops, big shops. In beercrates, nightstands, handbags, the spare change thing in a sodamachine, in clothing. I imagine  how it must feel to buy a pair of maternity pants and then pull a piece of paper out of the pocket and read you are not alone or you are a beautiful person. I didn't check what was on them I just trusted that the right message was going to the right person. Randomly. I also made sure it was as obvious as I could ensure that this was random. We don't want someone to think she has a stalker. It was just me secret agent mom! I have done 55 or so, so far!

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tulpenpink zei

spreading love... that's a nice idea! hopefully somebody in need of a pick me up found one of the notes!