woensdag, oktober 06, 2010

It must be still the 5th somewhere on this globe

but not here. I haven't posted yesterday but am determined to post twice today. I had quite a historical day yesterday. I was offline for the entire day. It wasn't really intentional but I had planned some stuff to do in the house and the laptop needed charging and the changer was upstairs and the laptop was here and then I decided to paint the frontdoor and clean the kitchen en read a book and go to the library and when I hadn't been online till after dinner I decided to make it a full day. And it felt so good!

I really recharged. I read and cleaned and organised. I haven't even put on the tv or even the radio. Thankfully the world didn't explode cause I would have missed it! In fact I haven't missed a lot and I gained an awful lot so I will do this more often!!

P.S. I got my husband quite worried. He is on a businesstrip in Spain and he has got problems with his cellphone. So he emailed me and I didn't reply.. Which is indeed so unlike me!

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