woensdag, oktober 06, 2010

How many shops do you really need?

I love shopping. I am a great lover of independant stores and I live in a city that fortunately has many very good ones. But a really good chainstore can be equally exiting. Especially an affordable and well thought out one. I must admit last time I was in London I loved seeing red busses again but visiting Habitat and Muji got my heart racing. In Holland Hema makes me happy every single time I go in there (stay tuned for my new fabric organisation!).
Another one of those great stores is Dille en Kamille. It's got this General Store vibe. It has most things you need to cook and live a simple but very authenctic and good life. It's one of those shops that makes other shops seem to loose their need. It has this real honest vibe. We had one in the town I grew up in and only after I had to do without I truly appreciated this great store. So when one opened close to our beachhouse I was a very happy girl and I took a picture to share with you.
Any one looking to open a good shop in a great town? We really need one of those.....

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