maandag, oktober 04, 2010

Artist date!

I am currently on week 9 of The Artist's Way and wow does this book blow me away. I really see changes in myself. I've bought the book as a present to myself for my birthday and that means that I am going slowly I had a pause in the summerholiday but still I feel so much growth and change. The thing I struggle the most with is the idea of an artist date. Treat yourself to something fun or silly. Have some playtime and get inspired. I so overthink these things and want to play by the rules..(Like it NEEDS to be 2 hours). Last week on a whim I decided to visit the new Asian supermarket close to my home and boy did it live up to my expectations. It felt like going on holiday for an hour. I visited Indonesia and Korea as sixteen year old and some how this so Asian shop made me feel 16 all over. I could have bought lots more but there was no need to empty the shop because it is down the road. (This just feels like ultimate luxury)

Things I didn't buy:Lots of cute hello kittenstuff, beuatiful japanese ceramic bowl, goldfish sushiplates a rice steamer, plum wine, loads of herbs, more soap more tea...

Here is what I did bring home:

So if you live near an Amzing Oriental supermarket treat yourself!

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