woensdag, september 08, 2010

Once upon a time

I was quite an unorganised young adult. I was a young unorganised adult with a baby and a husband that I needed to feed. The baby wasn't a problem in the beginning. Even I couldn't manage to forget my boobs but the husband, well: He got quite used to driving to the supermarket after the end of a long day and fetching something quick and packaged.

I thought of this with fondness while marinating pork for todays sate after filling up the fridge for the rest of the week and putting the organic veg deliverygoodies in their basket.

I realised I managed to develop a healthy good for us shopping and eating habit. I plan my meals and I do my groceries. We eat in time and one of my biggest plusses acording to the kids is the way I cook.

YOu know what this means? It means there is hope. Hope for blogging and laundry and cleaning. Hope for a more disciplined way of working. Hope for a system in which I actualy congratulate people with their new babies before they crawl or worse..

It could happen it has happened before....

The pic homemade pizza. Way better then: "O sh*t there is no food in the house pizza"