maandag, juli 26, 2010

Well, what can I say?

I was busy? No, not really, it probably was more of a case of not really knowing where to go from here. I drifted out of the small community I build when I started here. And I just didn't know where I belonged and what I wanted out of this blog. And of course there was the small thing of the computercrash that made it impossible for me to load pictures

It wasn't that I didn't improve, in fact I am growing like a 12 year old this year and it wasn't that I didn't craft, bake or photograph. And I surely didn't stop mothering this year. So it just was.. And now it isn't... because I am back. I am quite sure because before I decided to publish this I wrote five draft posts in an hour to check whether I had something to say to the internet

And I got a new camera. In the picture above my son and I played with it's self timer..

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