donderdag, juli 29, 2010

fun things to do in the summer holiday

Build a house in your bed. It was so hot here for a couple of weeks I found that my kids started to play indoors again:

Walpapering a dollhouse:

Bake your own bread:

And go to school of course:

Last year, my son in particularly, was so difficult during the summerholiday. I had an aha moment when I was explaining to someone that my dog would get very hyperactive if I didn't do any gundogtraining. She doesn't only need psysical activity but mental aswell. And so do my children. So this year I introduced vacationschool Half an hour after dinner playing educational games doing some tough maths or working on unfinished worksheets. If you are dutch and looking for some homeschool inspiration I found a lot for my son at juf hannahs site

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