donderdag, juli 29, 2010

I spy....

Last minute craft before we go on vacation. An I spy bag. I found this idea on the flemish blog of Tante Hilde. I planned on using scushion filling balls or something. But that was only sold in bags big enough to fill a mattress. So I used rice. I probably will redo it after the vacation but son is happy for now...

first reaction: Ok now son has gone to tell daughter what lovelies I put in it. Most of this comes from behind cupboards and even out of the vacuumcleaningbag. Lots of crying follows.....

fun things to do in the summer holiday

Build a house in your bed. It was so hot here for a couple of weeks I found that my kids started to play indoors again:

Walpapering a dollhouse:

Bake your own bread:

And go to school of course:

Last year, my son in particularly, was so difficult during the summerholiday. I had an aha moment when I was explaining to someone that my dog would get very hyperactive if I didn't do any gundogtraining. She doesn't only need psysical activity but mental aswell. And so do my children. So this year I introduced vacationschool Half an hour after dinner playing educational games doing some tough maths or working on unfinished worksheets. If you are dutch and looking for some homeschool inspiration I found a lot for my son at juf hannahs site

woensdag, juli 28, 2010

I did sew too

I have been making some stuff this last year. Just yesterday I finished and posted this bunting to celebrate the much anticipated arrival of a lovely boy!

I added a bag to store it:

I just realised that in making bunting for babies I finaly dared to break in this precious vintage fabric I found in the beginning of this blog...

dinsdag, juli 27, 2010

Taking pictures

I got a new super tiny camera for my birthday. It is this one. And I love that it is always around. You just see things differently with a camera around. look at this tiles I spotted in my local petshop!

Such a dutch scene: Cleaning a canal fishing for bikes:

Capturing a collection of small things:

And I started documenting some of my most loved places in this town:

maandag, juli 26, 2010

Just diving back in: Cooking for the pictures

I am quite good in thinking about stuff but sometimes I have a hard time doing them. So for the last 3 years I have been thinking about making elderflowerlemonadesyrup (No that is not english, it is translated dutch).

Of course nature doesn't let you get away with procrastination like that. Every year when I was ready, the elderflowers stopped flowering. But this year I caught them and had my fun. I ended up being the only one in the house drinking it, but it was worth it for the lovely flowery smell in the house and just for this photo!

Well, what can I say?

I was busy? No, not really, it probably was more of a case of not really knowing where to go from here. I drifted out of the small community I build when I started here. And I just didn't know where I belonged and what I wanted out of this blog. And of course there was the small thing of the computercrash that made it impossible for me to load pictures

It wasn't that I didn't improve, in fact I am growing like a 12 year old this year and it wasn't that I didn't craft, bake or photograph. And I surely didn't stop mothering this year. So it just was.. And now it isn't... because I am back. I am quite sure because before I decided to publish this I wrote five draft posts in an hour to check whether I had something to say to the internet

And I got a new camera. In the picture above my son and I played with it's self timer..