donderdag, maart 04, 2010

she wondered

she wonderd
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All 9 of my postcards for I hanna's postcardswap were psoted were set free in the world . ONly two weeks late and seeing that this is my 1th post of 2010 you know that posting only two weeks late is quite impressive!

I loved doing this and made some different ones (all to be seen in my flickr account)..
I did realise a few things. I simply can't make cards without words and I truly like simple. I like collages but I have such a hard time pasting things on top of eachother, I find things too busy so soon.. Of course a few weeks ago I was reminded that although I am quite confident with color I am still colourblind.

It is not to bad but having similar colours on top of eachother makes it very hard to see for me.. So funny I really had forgotten this but I redid all the spottest and I still swear there are no numbers in them ;)

And what do you think happened?