maandag, december 07, 2009


And then I fell off the face of the earth for a month.....again.. What happened: On the second day of november I was sitting behind my desk and all of a sudden I thought lets get this story out of my head that I've been meaning to write for years. 2000 words later I thought hey isn't it nanowrimo....

And so I started the totally insane challenge of writing a novel in a month and I got halfway. 22.000 words later the pain started. Shoulder wrist fingers. I quit the novel feeling like a loser but I do earn money writing so the rest of the month I haven't typed anything that didn't get paid. But there are stories to tell and pictures to share. Here is one...

A very happy moment in a dutch household. My son swam through the hole and got a diploma!

In dutch swimmingclasses children need to dive through a hole under water. It is scary and ne needed to try twice. This picture was taken just after he succeeded, he was so proud!

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Levin (and Emily) zei

YAY - hip hip hooray!
i hate swimming underwater so i think he's very brave :)
my daughter, emily, tried to do nanowrimo and got the first 2500 words done on day one and then gave up. it was the wrong time of year for her as she had exams and end of year work.....