zondag, oktober 04, 2009

New found treasure

Somewhere in the spring I got obsessed with the little displaycabinets that seemed to pop up on the internet. The ones I found for sale however were expensive! I loved this one for example!

Thin I decided I might be able to use a lantern as a small displaybox and this weekend I found this cute one for 9 euro's. Of course then I had to stage it.. Not as easy as it sounds.

Though I am protestant and my children are too, I married a man from a catholic background and studied in the south. Once upon a time I rescued this madonna from a small shop. She had fallen in the shopwindow and when no one put her on her feet after 3 days I bought her. I am named after Maria and I feel connected to her. When I found my stash of seeshells I knew they belonged together. I love the "Maria sterre der zee' feel...

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