maandag, oktober 05, 2009

My domestic God

I married a man that doesn't shy away from domestic chores. He is actually a lot better at it then I am. This weekend he finished processing the 30 kilo's of grapes our garden produced this year.
He made syrup and jelly and it is so good!

He is not without faults though. One of those faults is stubborness and the other one is he is picky. The two combined made us live without a lamp above the table for seven years. What he liked was to expensive what he didn't like, he didn't like. Of course I have been pendant-obsessed for all those seven years and when I rode my bike passed a shop window that had a lovely silver pendant for sale for only 49 euro's I checked it out and bought it. His reaction: That is 49 euro's spend on something not neccesary...

I stayed strong he caved and now there is light. It is up for 6 weeks now and it still makes me happy. It is so lovely to see what you eat even if it is dark outside.

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