dinsdag, oktober 27, 2009

Im Deutsche Wald

I probably screwed up my grammar allready in that sentence. It's been a long time since I had german in highschool. I did enjoy speaking it again though! Anyway we have been to Germany for autumnvacation and it was lovely. We went to the woods, the zoo, a real medieval castle and my childrens discovered the joy of going into a sauna.

The forrest was beautiful. Here are some of my snapshots:

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Claudia zei

You can practice your german with me anytime! Any plans for holidays in Austria???

Muito Igual a VocĂȘ zei

Nature is just beautiful. I wish I could do the same... these every day grey buildings are making me blind.

Nice blog :)

By the way, I am learning German, and it's so cool!


Levin (and Emily) zei

your photos are beautiful. the forests in europe are so different from the bush in australia. i remember that from when i went to holland many, many years ago. i wish i could go back.
i love the thought of a medieval castle - such history!


great pics!