dinsdag, oktober 27, 2009

Im Deutsche Wald

I probably screwed up my grammar allready in that sentence. It's been a long time since I had german in highschool. I did enjoy speaking it again though! Anyway we have been to Germany for autumnvacation and it was lovely. We went to the woods, the zoo, a real medieval castle and my childrens discovered the joy of going into a sauna.

The forrest was beautiful. Here are some of my snapshots:

maandag, oktober 26, 2009

My baking diva

My daughter made an apple pie using her great grandmothers cookingbook:

wearing her new apron:


The best part:

Of course it is a heart if she had known where I stasth the foodcolouring it would have been pink:

dinsdag, oktober 13, 2009

I really restrained myself

Last week there was stoffenspektakel in my town. 150 fabric traders in one market. I went there to get some leather ofcuts to embellish the leather babyshoes I plan to make. The leatherseller wasn't there and I had money so I came home with this.

Green ribbon that needs to be on some skirt or dress for me, red ridinghood ribbon just because it is cute butterfly ribbon for daughter and princessdress stuf for daughter . Oh and i finally got myself fabric you can print on and Even better I know where to get my own bubble jet now (not it is not to early to start on your sinterklaas wishlist!)

maandag, oktober 12, 2009

One of the smaller advantages of gaymarriage

I don't need to buy my daughter a Ken. Barbie can marry Mega Mindy if she wishes to do so!

dinsdag, oktober 06, 2009

Sweat pears.....

After five years of not so patiently waiting out Gieser Wilderman has finally blossomed so now there is fruit. This is a cooking pear and we love love love it.. Cooked in red wine it is so lovely...

There were fifteen, but coming years we will have loads more. Our apple had 15 last year and now I am googling apple recipes just to get rid of them!

maandag, oktober 05, 2009

My domestic God

I married a man that doesn't shy away from domestic chores. He is actually a lot better at it then I am. This weekend he finished processing the 30 kilo's of grapes our garden produced this year.
He made syrup and jelly and it is so good!

He is not without faults though. One of those faults is stubborness and the other one is he is picky. The two combined made us live without a lamp above the table for seven years. What he liked was to expensive what he didn't like, he didn't like. Of course I have been pendant-obsessed for all those seven years and when I rode my bike passed a shop window that had a lovely silver pendant for sale for only 49 euro's I checked it out and bought it. His reaction: That is 49 euro's spend on something not neccesary...

I stayed strong he caved and now there is light. It is up for 6 weeks now and it still makes me happy. It is so lovely to see what you eat even if it is dark outside.

zondag, oktober 04, 2009

New found treasure

Somewhere in the spring I got obsessed with the little displaycabinets that seemed to pop up on the internet. The ones I found for sale however were expensive! I loved this one for example!

Thin I decided I might be able to use a lantern as a small displaybox and this weekend I found this cute one for 9 euro's. Of course then I had to stage it.. Not as easy as it sounds.

Though I am protestant and my children are too, I married a man from a catholic background and studied in the south. Once upon a time I rescued this madonna from a small shop. She had fallen in the shopwindow and when no one put her on her feet after 3 days I bought her. I am named after Maria and I feel connected to her. When I found my stash of seeshells I knew they belonged together. I love the "Maria sterre der zee' feel...

vrijdag, oktober 02, 2009

New corners of my home

We have recently changed around a lot in our home. We made the big playroom/parents room swap and we bought two new bookcases. They are teak and we love them. It did take a little time to get used to them and to make the most of staging them. One I really love right now, the other is still a Work in Progress.

You can check out what my home was like before on flickr

donderdag, oktober 01, 2009

Recharching with cookies

Wednesday afternoon is the day that Dutch children do not go to school in the afternoon. So they want to have playdates. Yesterday somEthing in their voices and eyes told me they should recharge at home with mom. So I took two angry crying children to home and got them to fil my new cookie tin.

Doesn't it look deliciously christmassy?

We made two type of cookies from this book: koekje.

Both are made from puffpastry. First I made Arnhemse meisjes (Girls from Arnhem) since I am an Arnhems meisje. You cut half centimeter thick pastry into circles and then rol it into ovals in sugar the up and downside should be covered in sugar. Let rest for half an hour and then bake for 25 minutes on 175 degrees c .

I loved wienertjes when I made them myself but the proved a bit hard for the kids Believe it or not they didn't use enough sugar.

You cover your worksurface in powdered sugar put the pastry on and cover that in powdered sugar too. Roll the pastry into a very layer as thin as a newspaper page. When turning keep applying sugar. The take a fork and make holes all over the pastry . Cut the pastry in squares about 4 by 4 centimeters. We forgot the stabbing so did it after cutting.

Let rest for 1,5 hour and then bake for 5 to 10 minutes at 180 degrees c.

They wait till cool and eat! And for the angry crying part? They loved it and son even told me he really needed it to be just the three of us. See, moms know best..