woensdag, september 30, 2009


We are diving into autumn here. It is gorgeous and lovely. We harvest, we sit, we read, we cuddle, we craft. And we blog... Or rather I guiltily start remembering I once upon a time had a cosy corner on the internet where I shared stuff.

Some how autumn seems to be the season of sharing for me. Maybe it is the abundance of nature. Fruits everywhere, nuts to gather, warm houses to invite others. So when a lovely neighbour invited me to her birthday and there was no time to shop for here I decided to share a slice of my garden with here.

Nothing bought here: Apples from the apple tree. Raspberrymuffins with raspberries from the garden , grape syrup that was still warm when we gave this. A little bunch of autumnflowers and a drawing done by my kids.

It felt so good to realise how much we had to offer without going to the shops!

3 opmerkingen:

Autum zei

Happy autumn to you! Your gift basket is lovely! Someone was very lucky.

Claudia zei

That looks beautiful! I´ve missed you by the way, it was lovely to find new posts here.

Amy zei

oh - that is just the most lovely care package that ever could be! It is amazing that you grew all the fruit. I am sure your neighbor was thrilled!