maandag, juni 22, 2009

happiness is a field of grass

according to Romke van der Kaa and of course he is right.. (i wanted to link him but no page isn't that refreshing)

This pictures of my very white feet was made somewhere in april. I didn't drop from the face of the earth after taking that picture. I lived and loved and laughed a lot the last couple of months. I just haven't documented it that well. We forgot our camera more then ever and once you get out of the habit of blogging it is hard to get back in.. I might be back to tell you about all the birthday love I got yesterday, the rearranging of the furniture after buying new bookcases, the garden, the legoparty, the crafting of beachnecklaces, the cooking and baking..the plans i have... There are stories to tell this summer, thats for sure.. And I do think I'll start telling them soon. I miss reading my own blog