maandag, maart 09, 2009

Today I was a secret agent

and I succeeded. I mean, no-one would think this tired looking mum was on a secret mission you know. Just another mom getting her kids from school. But when no-one was looking I got an adventurous blue elefant out of my bike basket and sneaked him on a wall where he could be seen. I snapped a secret picture and left. Loads of people were walking his way but noone saw me. I was the invisible mom. Ten minutes later I was waiting outside the school. Just another mom. Of course that is the way it should be. We secret agents can't go around telling everybody about our adrenalinefilled life.

I so hope the toy society will keep me as their new dutch recruit! I loved doing this. And when I returned to the scen of the crime an hour later he was gone!

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Ingsthings zei

i am sure the blue olifant is currently loved and cherished. we are organising our drops in the coming weeks (an activity i am saving for the Easter (passen) holidays. love you site ing

Ingsthings zei

How did we end up in oz. my husband is Australian and fundamentally so am I. my mother raised & schooled us here - we were fortunate to have extended vacations with our opa and oma during this period. Sometime in my mid twenties she re emigrated resulting in my sister and i following her. I dragged my husband with me. And well, in 8 years we had created a beautiful life and two amazing children in leiden. We have a fabulous circle of friends and family there.

However the pull for oz beckon my husband and right now we are here with his family. The first year was awful - we had all changed so much and well quite frankly we had become Dutch, my son and I suffered the most he missed his peuterspeel and OMA and I missed everything!!!!!!

We return as often as we can and well life has found its rhythm and wonderagain. The best thing about this experience is we will always be open to change - who knows where we will be in 8 years ........ may be back in Leiden and shopping at my beloved hema.

thank you for you lovely comment.


Gina zei

It sounds like you had a lot of fun! You would be perfect for The Yoy Society. :)
I'm bet there is a happy little kid some wheres cuddling with your secret mission.

chest of drawers zei


Levin (and Emily) zei

i want to do this too! i've been lurking but I think it's time to join this wonderful society :)

Marieke Bos zei


Heb jij lang moeten wachten toen je je opgaf voor The Toy Society? Ik heb me namelijk 3 dagen geleden opgegeven maar hoor maar niks van ze. En ik heb 2 dingen klaar om te droppen.

groetjes, Marieke

vlijtig zei

Ja, dit staat al zo lang op mijn to-do-lijst.... Het recept voor de pittige rabarber chutney kun je hier's%20en%20sauzen/chutney's/Pittige%20rabarberchutney.html vinden.

urban craft zei

lovely drop! Great job.

Strikkelise zei

Hi, Mijk, yes, I went to Hema! I bought lots of stuff, from candy to children's swimming trunks. Great shop!

Maureen zei

Aahhhh, that's fun to do =)