maandag, maart 09, 2009

Today I was a secret agent

and I succeeded. I mean, no-one would think this tired looking mum was on a secret mission you know. Just another mom getting her kids from school. But when no-one was looking I got an adventurous blue elefant out of my bike basket and sneaked him on a wall where he could be seen. I snapped a secret picture and left. Loads of people were walking his way but noone saw me. I was the invisible mom. Ten minutes later I was waiting outside the school. Just another mom. Of course that is the way it should be. We secret agents can't go around telling everybody about our adrenalinefilled life.

I so hope the toy society will keep me as their new dutch recruit! I loved doing this. And when I returned to the scen of the crime an hour later he was gone!

donderdag, maart 05, 2009

Apparently I am an Oystercatcher

Yesterday evening I was working with my dog. It was getting dark and I used my whistle quite often. Every time I whistled, someone answered. I was a bit intrigued until I realised I had seen an oystercatcher the day before. They are back and one must have been very lonely..

Of course I am a fine oystercatcher. I brougfht loads home form the last beach holiday and this afternoon I finaly started to play!