maandag, februari 09, 2009


One day last week while biking I dediced to be supermom that afternoon so I grabbed a bit of cardboard in the office supplyshop and told the children we would be making a boardgame. Surprisingly enough they played along and we spent all afternoon drawing a route (My four year old did that) and inventing sneaky things to make the game more fun and more frustrating. We invented cards that make you do fun things. (Hug someone, tell a story about your favourite animal and colour, do a funny face etc.)

Son decided he wanted to call it the "learning to lose game", Since he has a hard time when he doesn't win a game. Somehow it is easier when you invented the frustrating you have lost your key go back to square 52 last square before the finish. It really helps so does the rule that the one who wins treats everyone with a sweet!!

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motherissues zei

What a great game! It sounds like fun, and definitely a good lesson for them.