dinsdag, februari 03, 2009

Made of words

I love words, I live in words. Words are what I use to categorise the world. It is my system. I am a writer and a reader. I love to look and to see but images are not my natural world. My husband is the opposite. He is a classical visual thinker who often mix ups his words. My daughter seems to have inherited this. When telling how she forgot to get her bag in school she told me: I went back while turning her body sitting at the table then she explained the entire rout with her hands and body moving when she came to the part where she told me how she got the bag of the hook she reached up and grabbed in the air.

My husband said: she is there and she sees it. And when you ask her to do something her mind will go there and do it and sometimes she won’t realise her feet were not with here and thus the action is not done.

It is such an alien concept to me. Therefore working with images, photographs and collages to capture a feeling or emotion is strangely refreshing. It forces to let go of words and look at what I want from an unknown perspective. After having so much fun with a mood board for the house I decided to make one for my life. I loved doing it. I have to work very hard to get in a flow while pasting and cutting to let the images find there own place. The end result does feel as me do. And when I look at it, it inspires and centres me.

Of course I couldn’t let go of all words. I am, after all a girl made of words.