dinsdag, februari 03, 2009

Four is lovely

Dutch children start school the day they turn four. Daughter was born on the 7th of january 2005. So this year was the big moment. She had a lovely day. Waking up with presents in bed, go to school for a short day and get home to a birthdayparty. With mom-made Peter Pan cake. She so loved it. So now she is 3,5 weeks into being four and she is so much older and wiser and growing up so fast. We now have dailey questions about dying and she realises her grandma is my mom. It is so lovely and so hard.

She is my youngest. She will probably stay the youngest. Todler days are over. They were freaking hard but still. Some pure innocense has left the house and won't return until somemone makes ME a granny.


Let's not go there at all.

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