maandag, januari 12, 2009

Read, admire and do your own thing..

Amy recently blogged about stopping reading blogs because they block her creative energy. I so get what she means I have experienced it so often and still I read more now then I have ever read and I am inspired. Not only in making but in living. In my 18th post 3 long years ago (this is the 393th) I wrote about the thin line between inspiration and intimidation and I have realised that this has only to do with me and my outlook on life. I choose to be intimidated. Not consciously but I was the one who compared, I was the one who thinks others are better, the one who thinks I am not really an artist (what is a real artist anyway?). At the moment my note book fills with original idea after original idea.. If I make 10 % of it I would be really happy this year (and if I don't it is ok too)!

p.s.I need to do something about my picture situation. My laptop is pretty tired and it makes uploading piuctures a long and exhausting procedure.. But hey I make things and I want to show. You might get inspired..

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Lanie Jane zei

Thought you may be interested in a giveaway!
Stop by and check it out,and Good Luck!

xo jane

Amy zei

:-) Definitely - it is a fault within me as well. Let's work on it together!

PĂ©itseoga zei

hey mijk, thanks for your comment, but which scanner? it says 'this' in your comment but there's no link? i've been thinking about buying a new one!
oh, and i'm with you, sometimes i read blogs to get inspired but in the end the reading stops me from making, but that's not the blog's fault, it's mine, it might have to do wit hthe fact that i read when i'm tired anyways, rather than when i'm bursting with creative energy!

PĂ©itseoga zei

it looks nice! is it powered by USB or does it have a plug? i was thinking of maybe getting it's got a wireless connection, and it's a printer and scanner in one. but i also like the idea of yours, which could live in a cupboard most of the time!

Gina zei

It can be inspirational and intimidating all at the same time. It's very easy if your not careful to look at your work and start to second guess yourself.

Anoniem zei

I quit reading most blogs about a year ago. I found it really drained my creativity. Weird, but true.