maandag, januari 05, 2009

If you are reading this it is because it is 2009!

I have issues with posting letters. I am quite good at starting letters. Not to bad at finishing them and totally and completely useless at posting them. It is really, really bad. When contemplating starting writing christmascards. I found two stacks of cards. Bought, written, written, addressed, stamped.. but not posted. One was 2007 christmas cards and one was 2008. I suck at walking to the mailbox. It is therefore I have up until now hesitated to write my posts in word first. But since I declared 2009 the year where I will improve on everything that I truly care about I have just written two posts in word and I like it.

If you miss the connection between word and the mailbox. It is an extra step. And as I have been known to leave finished e-mails in my conceptbox for weeks very sure I have mailed them and I now have two not quite finished posts in my drafts in blogspot. Adding another step seemed dangerous. I mean copy paste is a small step for mankind but a giant leap for mijk.2008.

I had however planned to write a post today and plan another two for later in the week. Ànd 2009 will be my year of action my year of doing instead of thinking and as I mentioned before I am in training for being an upgradedversion of my self so a broken internetconnection was not a good enough excuse for not writing a post. And 2009 will also be known as the year of no excuses!!

So word it is. And I like it. It feels like proper, old fashioned writing. It gives a better fow then blogger which is a thin layer on the seducement of the entire internet. Not having internet on in the background is also not having all kinds of truly good bloogers and crafters looking over my virtual shoulder. So less intimidation (there are no internet bullies on my playground but I do get overwhelmed by low self esteem every now and then!)

So I’ll give word a go in the coming weeks. And you might or might not read about. Inspirational books, the cours on homeorganising I followed, the book I have written, the sewing I did. The girl that went to school, the playroomplans the boy that reads everything and the best dog in the world version number two.

E.T.A: The picture? The wrong hooded dress.... I mentioned in the last post..

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