maandag, januari 05, 2009

Food is love..

My husband took the children to his parents this morning. His mom has her birthday. I skipped for a day of sewing. My husbands family apparently love the festive season so much they added the whole month of January to the season. It really is the only reason why the abroad living of my husbands brother is a good idea sometimes. It takes a bit of pressure of the 4 birthday in 3 schedules. So while I am here sewing a birthday dress (I just added the hood to the dress backwards therefore I am writing..) my husband and kids try to avoid being fed.

It is the last day of the Christmas break today and we decided it might be a good idea to eat at home and be in bed early. It will be hard as it is to raise tomorrow when it is still dark.

So my mil didn’t mind they were going to eat at home because they could have soup and bread at four and a dessert too. “But mom, they won’t eat their dinner that way.” “Ok but if they are hungry I have crisps and salty cookies and you do get lunch!”

For my mother in law. Food is love. She isn’t a fantastic cook but not a bad one either. She is however always thinking about the food she’ll serve. She gets about 50 people at her birthdayparty and all are shopped for. If you once tell her you’ll like a particular drink , it will be there always just for you.

Of course she is right food is love and I do love my husbands mom, so this is what he brought her from me this morning. With love!

E.T.A: Internet was down all day yesterday so this was written yesterday and posted today...

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Anne in Oxfordshire zei

Wow that is a brilliant cake, love the decorations :-)

PĂ©itseoga zei

what a lovely cake! a sleeping deer!