vrijdag, januari 09, 2009


As I mentioned before I am really working hard to make my life even better. Getting closer to my true self, building the base of my life even stronger. As I am open to change and growth I found guidance and inspiration a lot. I signed up to an online course, Read amazing books and some amazing blogs. Blogwise Claudia at chest of Drawers and IHanna have inspired me immensely the last couple of months. So when Hanna went in search for her word of the year I needed to follow. Because I love, love, love words. And I am all for the power of words and I jused to have words for periods. I’ve had balanced for a while and striuctured and now I needed a new one a total 2009 word.

I contemplated a few and have thought often that I had found it. I considered Do, Focus, Dare and Open. But it were a bit to wide a words. I needed something more specific. And then it struck me. My word this year will be

Which means more or less attentive. I think that is what I need to do this year com lose form my do everything a bit superficial. I need to be open and aware and patient I want to see and feel and be in the moment, I want to connect. All that is in my word. It is a word that if you hear it creates images and feelings that are good.

This year I will be aandachtig.. It will be a good year

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chest of drawers zei

That´s a wonderful word, almost the same in German. Thankyou for mentioning my blog. My word for this year is YES, I say yes to you as you are right now you are OK!