maandag, januari 12, 2009

Read, admire and do your own thing..

Amy recently blogged about stopping reading blogs because they block her creative energy. I so get what she means I have experienced it so often and still I read more now then I have ever read and I am inspired. Not only in making but in living. In my 18th post 3 long years ago (this is the 393th) I wrote about the thin line between inspiration and intimidation and I have realised that this has only to do with me and my outlook on life. I choose to be intimidated. Not consciously but I was the one who compared, I was the one who thinks others are better, the one who thinks I am not really an artist (what is a real artist anyway?). At the moment my note book fills with original idea after original idea.. If I make 10 % of it I would be really happy this year (and if I don't it is ok too)!

p.s.I need to do something about my picture situation. My laptop is pretty tired and it makes uploading piuctures a long and exhausting procedure.. But hey I make things and I want to show. You might get inspired..

vrijdag, januari 09, 2009


As I mentioned before I am really working hard to make my life even better. Getting closer to my true self, building the base of my life even stronger. As I am open to change and growth I found guidance and inspiration a lot. I signed up to an online course, Read amazing books and some amazing blogs. Blogwise Claudia at chest of Drawers and IHanna have inspired me immensely the last couple of months. So when Hanna went in search for her word of the year I needed to follow. Because I love, love, love words. And I am all for the power of words and I jused to have words for periods. I’ve had balanced for a while and striuctured and now I needed a new one a total 2009 word.

I contemplated a few and have thought often that I had found it. I considered Do, Focus, Dare and Open. But it were a bit to wide a words. I needed something more specific. And then it struck me. My word this year will be

Which means more or less attentive. I think that is what I need to do this year com lose form my do everything a bit superficial. I need to be open and aware and patient I want to see and feel and be in the moment, I want to connect. All that is in my word. It is a word that if you hear it creates images and feelings that are good.

This year I will be aandachtig.. It will be a good year

woensdag, januari 07, 2009

giving in...

It is almost an hour into the 7th of january. My girl is four and she won;t be wearing her new dress to school on her first day., I need to seams and four buttons but if I do it now I wil do it wrongly. THere is a fantasic Peter pan cake in the fridge and there is only so much sleep this mom wants to miss. I have a four year old. I am allowed to sleep..

maandag, januari 05, 2009

If you are reading this it is because it is 2009!

I have issues with posting letters. I am quite good at starting letters. Not to bad at finishing them and totally and completely useless at posting them. It is really, really bad. When contemplating starting writing christmascards. I found two stacks of cards. Bought, written, written, addressed, stamped.. but not posted. One was 2007 christmas cards and one was 2008. I suck at walking to the mailbox. It is therefore I have up until now hesitated to write my posts in word first. But since I declared 2009 the year where I will improve on everything that I truly care about I have just written two posts in word and I like it.

If you miss the connection between word and the mailbox. It is an extra step. And as I have been known to leave finished e-mails in my conceptbox for weeks very sure I have mailed them and I now have two not quite finished posts in my drafts in blogspot. Adding another step seemed dangerous. I mean copy paste is a small step for mankind but a giant leap for mijk.2008.

I had however planned to write a post today and plan another two for later in the week. Ànd 2009 will be my year of action my year of doing instead of thinking and as I mentioned before I am in training for being an upgradedversion of my self so a broken internetconnection was not a good enough excuse for not writing a post. And 2009 will also be known as the year of no excuses!!

So word it is. And I like it. It feels like proper, old fashioned writing. It gives a better fow then blogger which is a thin layer on the seducement of the entire internet. Not having internet on in the background is also not having all kinds of truly good bloogers and crafters looking over my virtual shoulder. So less intimidation (there are no internet bullies on my playground but I do get overwhelmed by low self esteem every now and then!)

So I’ll give word a go in the coming weeks. And you might or might not read about. Inspirational books, the cours on homeorganising I followed, the book I have written, the sewing I did. The girl that went to school, the playroomplans the boy that reads everything and the best dog in the world version number two.

E.T.A: The picture? The wrong hooded dress.... I mentioned in the last post..

Food is love..

My husband took the children to his parents this morning. His mom has her birthday. I skipped for a day of sewing. My husbands family apparently love the festive season so much they added the whole month of January to the season. It really is the only reason why the abroad living of my husbands brother is a good idea sometimes. It takes a bit of pressure of the 4 birthday in 3 schedules. So while I am here sewing a birthday dress (I just added the hood to the dress backwards therefore I am writing..) my husband and kids try to avoid being fed.

It is the last day of the Christmas break today and we decided it might be a good idea to eat at home and be in bed early. It will be hard as it is to raise tomorrow when it is still dark.

So my mil didn’t mind they were going to eat at home because they could have soup and bread at four and a dessert too. “But mom, they won’t eat their dinner that way.” “Ok but if they are hungry I have crisps and salty cookies and you do get lunch!”

For my mother in law. Food is love. She isn’t a fantastic cook but not a bad one either. She is however always thinking about the food she’ll serve. She gets about 50 people at her birthdayparty and all are shopped for. If you once tell her you’ll like a particular drink , it will be there always just for you.

Of course she is right food is love and I do love my husbands mom, so this is what he brought her from me this morning. With love!

E.T.A: Internet was down all day yesterday so this was written yesterday and posted today...