vrijdag, december 05, 2008

presents for the grandfather that has it all

My father turned 60 in september and I couldn't think of a single present. So kidcraft it was.. I let my kids put a basecolour on a cheap plain canvas. Then son collaged his design and daughter used felt tips. They then improved with paints. To make it a real present I added some cheap frames from our local artshop. They were about a tenner and they used to be mightily expensive.

Funniest thing is my dad works for a company that has an extensive artcollection (and it's own full time conservator). He took these to hang in his office which is full of museum quality art. So much fun!!!

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Tanja zei

Heeft mijn blog toch nog iets goeds opgeleverd: Mijk gaat leren breien :-) Als ik dichterbij woonde, ging ik met je mee!

PĂ©itseoga zei

talented kinderen!

thanks for your comment on my blog! the gorgeous girl is called maeve, and the birth was very quick, less than 5 hours! i haven't written a full birth story yet but hope to do so some time soon... the first few weeks were VERY tough, toughest time of my life! but we're getting there... it's all falling into place now!