maandag, september 08, 2008


Gretel walks through the woods. She plays in the ferns, she eats some blueberries, and has the pocket of her apron stuffed with conkers. The sunlight touches the deepgreen moss but Gretel isn't happy.

She shouldn't have gone into the woods, she should 've freed Hansel. I mean, after all isn't the key of the cage somewhere beneath the conkers.

But someone else might do it, she thinks. She goes along singing a bit louder, wondering when a knight in shining armour would pull up and ask: "you look happy, do I need to rescue someone for you my lovely?"

Of course no one shows. Because knights and witches are not very common in real life. They tend to live their lives in our imagination more then anywhere else.

So it might not have been the smartest thing to lock Hansel in a cage just so the witch couldn't do it. It seemed smart then somehow when Hans thought it all out. It is better if you play in the woods and I stay here then that we both get cought, he said.

But without Hansel Gretel was just not Gretel. She was Gretel thinking about Hansel. She never thought about Hansel when they runned trough the woods together. so whe spread the conkers beneath a beechtree and slowly wnet back to the cute little house that had a cage in the backyard.

Gretel was afraid, but she went anyway.

*You might need to know that my therapist is big on fairytales.I went to see her this morning, it was good and I was ordered to play Hans and gretel for a while. She actually orderd crafting aswel.

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