dinsdag, juni 17, 2008

I think I am allright

Part of my absence is this: Her name is Loena and she is perfect. There was more nothing bad just me thinking.. For a long time I thought that after I had done my doll quilt (that would be tomorrow, I hope. Crafint with a puppy is nightmarish) I would shut down this blog. Now I am doubting again. We will see...

2 opmerkingen:

Susan zei

Wat een schatje!

Welkom terug :-)

Levin (and Emily) zei

don't close your blog - i love visiting.
our winter is not as cold as yours, but we are not as well set up for it - we have heating in one room only so every other room is freezing! i do a lot of baking in winter to get warm in the kitchen. then i get fat......