vrijdag, april 25, 2008

I joined a dollquiltswap

since it was a very open to novices swap.
The postcard above will be my inspiration. I so love Rie cramer and she was such a major influence in my youth. When I recntly saw these illustrations again I really realized how much of an influence they were! It shaped my love for colours and dresses and it's just so beautiful

Picture to make sure I have my prorities right

I am temporarily back in the oinsane world of making a paper. So I need to see this picutre to know. All that stress wil in acouple of days hold kitchenwaste and that is beautiful too

maandag, april 21, 2008

Picture in words

there were skaters in the park
and dogs running after balls
and children playing
and some drunks happy to have their home back
bragging about something to each other
there were students in the grass some kissing some reading
and one little dog humped another one
and I couldn't help but smile while I crossed that park on my bike
wearing a frilly skirt and lace tights.
Feeling spring does that to me

donderdag, april 10, 2008

I have no idea why they call it green fingers.

I am pretty decent in the garden but I never achieved anything better then this:

Yep I call that black too. I was pretty destructive I must admit but for good reason. When we got this garden it was new so there was nothing and we didn't have much money for plants and yes those plants otheres have over you should not take! We are having great weather so it is fun to be outside ripping weeds out!

maandag, april 07, 2008


I am so hooked on project runway and I am almost in the finaly and the show stops. I am not going to goolge the winner, I am not going to google the winner

It's his teachers birthday

So son made them cupcakes and decorated them all by himself!

zondag, april 06, 2008

Very usefull thrifted box or bag?

A local photographer had cleared his attic. While we browsed for lenses I found all this leather box bags under the table. Most were open to hold an ancient camera. This is just a box bag. For 1 euro fifty it was mine (about 2 dollars I think) and it's priceless for taking small embroidery projects on the road! But I have used it as a small handbag as well. It holds my make up, phone, wallet and it sits upright on the table..

Mom and dad created a monster!

No more explanations! Just getting back in the saddle! My daughter is quite into monsters these day's and she wanted to make monster mask. Luckily I finally got our selfs an organic fruit and veg delivery that comes with a nice paper bag!