woensdag, maart 26, 2008

Speaking dutch or how you say Mijk

Hannah asked how to say my name! This after I won a great magazine because her daughter was completley intrigued by my name. Thanks Esme!

I was totally thrilled that I confused the welsh, I was the designated navigator on our family holidays in Wales and boy is that no fun! Directing your dad to villages none of us could even try to pronounce! Revenge is sweet (especially if it comes with a free magazine).

So I did some online research and checked for interesting information on dutch. I love the dutch word of the day site but it has no audio. (Hey it does now)! Ok check the word for 21 maart to hear the IJ sound!

If you want to hear more dutch you can go listnen to laura speaks dutch or check the weblog of "say it in dutch"!

Have fun!

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