zaterdag, maart 08, 2008

Photography all the way

Saturday we (dad mom brother and girlfriend and my own family) went to a fotoshoot to finally finish the present we gave my parents for their 35th wedding anniversary in 2006! It was great. We really had fun and can't wait to see how it turned out. I so had to laugh when We had to sign for the no objections to be put in the window of the studio. Everybody said ok feeling very confident we won't turn out that cute.. I am just a little nervous we underestimated the cuteness of my kids ;-) It was fun and even without having seen the picture it was totally worth the money to see my father lay on the floor!

And the picture? No professional photographer you guessed. No it is my son playing with the digital camera his uncle just gave him. His old sony cybershot. My brother vowed when my oldest was born that he would be the uncle who spoiled them and this weekend he lived up to the expectations on a grand scale!

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