vrijdag, februari 22, 2008

22 februari: Someone swapped my kid

It is scary. You know I had this non sleeping diaperwearing girl and all of a sudden she is sleeping through the night and in cute my little pony underpants and
to make the change all the more obvious just a couple of hours before going on holiday we went to see the eye doctor and it was decided we will have two kids with glasses. Which is cute but expensive!

Our daughter has been seen by the eye doctors since she was one because we as parents had the idea that there were issues. Since brother has issues we were welcome every year for a check up. This time rather spectacularly there were indeed issues the doctor could see. Mainly one eye being a lot weaker then the other and problems with seeing depth. No eye patch just yet but it was really weird to be right after all.. ( it was so obvious. staring at the test cards saying: ehm it might be a duck or a car? )

But we know she looks cute with glasses!

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