maandag, maart 31, 2008

this time round I didn't fall in th epits of selfpithy

but was actually quie busy living. You know working and meeting friends and gardening an all those fun tthings.. So catching up today. As you can see there was some stuffin my drafts that I have published now and there are more picutres to be shared aswell! I will get back on track!

donderdag, maart 27, 2008

he can see stuff, this boy

I so would have made this picture if I hadn't been busy taking his picture...

woensdag, maart 26, 2008

Speaking dutch or how you say Mijk

Hannah asked how to say my name! This after I won a great magazine because her daughter was completley intrigued by my name. Thanks Esme!

I was totally thrilled that I confused the welsh, I was the designated navigator on our family holidays in Wales and boy is that no fun! Directing your dad to villages none of us could even try to pronounce! Revenge is sweet (especially if it comes with a free magazine).

So I did some online research and checked for interesting information on dutch. I love the dutch word of the day site but it has no audio. (Hey it does now)! Ok check the word for 21 maart to hear the IJ sound!

If you want to hear more dutch you can go listnen to laura speaks dutch or check the weblog of "say it in dutch"!

Have fun!

dinsdag, maart 25, 2008

I am definetely not pregnant

but I just lost my dinner. There is this Gordon Ramsay saves a kitchen on Long Island that you just should not watch!

maandag, maart 24, 2008

zaterdag, maart 22, 2008

my dear dear american readers

I know this is not a political blog and it probably never will become that. But could you please, for me, consider doing something to get Barack Obama in the White House? He gives me hope for the world.

And hope is the most precious thing......


vrijdag, maart 21, 2008

I'm in an organizing fury

maybe it is some kind of spring easter thing I don't know what it is but I have to work it! I'll promise a after update..The before is 2 years ago and unfortunately it kind of looks the same right now!

donderdag, maart 20, 2008

My country has got around 16 million people living here

and a giant supermarket just set 29 million smurfs free! No wonder I ran into one in the forest the other day..

You can see what the others are up to here...

And if someone has a spare Gargamel and a smurfin my son would be extremely pleased! (We have some spares too!)

woensdag, maart 19, 2008

Is it sad that I checked this

I was a bit sad to be five posts behind because I was doing so well with this post every day of the week challenge. So I checkec the members of the group and I am not doing that bad....! I feel kind of sad that I needed to know2 others were failing harder and now I am off to repare the second bike tire of the day (I guess I need to tag this as: Dutch life)

Have you ever mentally thrifted while visiting someone?

I must say I am sometimes guilty of that.At first I felt a bit guilty if I caught myself thinking that is a cute tin or what a lovely old embroidery, or cute teapot. Now I recognise it for what it is. I am not thrigting the stuff I see I capture the image of something tha tis used and loved properly to guide me while thrifting.

Because youknow what. I am not one of those people who can rummage for gems in ugly unloved circumstances. I need remeberance, I need context. ANd that what old people's home give me. If I see things belonging together and then come across a same object that is lost, I can help. Because I know how it will belong..

zondag, maart 16, 2008

Loads better

and tons to tell and show but not now. Now I am going to shower!


P.S. I never published this one. Sorry I am getting back ont rack right now!

donderdag, maart 13, 2008


Iam just sad and paralised and spiralling down again. I'll get up agian and I'll get happy again and then there might be 2 days that I din't blog in 20908 and maybe there will be days i do bnlog twice.. And I am not going to feel bad about it because I look forward to spiralling upwards

maandag, maart 10, 2008

My kingdom for a coffee

we start the day with the radionews on workdays. Which was good because it meant I wasn't already in the shower when I realised we were out of water. A burst pipe that couldn't be located robbed us of watersupply for the night and a good deal of the morning yesterday. School was closed and the day was weird really weird and it never is nice to go into a weird day when one hasn't washed, brushed ones teeth or had a coffee. So the water left in daughters sippycup for the night was used for this espresso. It was much better then brushing my teeth! Priorities, priorities!

zondag, maart 09, 2008

If it rains the woods are still there

We needed to walk the kids sunday and it was so wonderful in the woods

zaterdag, maart 08, 2008

Photography all the way

Saturday we (dad mom brother and girlfriend and my own family) went to a fotoshoot to finally finish the present we gave my parents for their 35th wedding anniversary in 2006! It was great. We really had fun and can't wait to see how it turned out. I so had to laugh when We had to sign for the no objections to be put in the window of the studio. Everybody said ok feeling very confident we won't turn out that cute.. I am just a little nervous we underestimated the cuteness of my kids ;-) It was fun and even without having seen the picture it was totally worth the money to see my father lay on the floor!

And the picture? No professional photographer you guessed. No it is my son playing with the digital camera his uncle just gave him. His old sony cybershot. My brother vowed when my oldest was born that he would be the uncle who spoiled them and this weekend he lived up to the expectations on a grand scale!

vrijdag, maart 07, 2008

donderdag, maart 06, 2008

Crafting by the sea

As I did my last late winter holiday and the one before, I bought a Marie Claire Idees on vacation and I took some floss and a bit of felt. Here is what I made! I am so happy with both the idea of a bracelet as with both embroiderie ideas.. I see more of this in this working with felt I think I find the thing I want to do craftwise!

woensdag, maart 05, 2008

Ok my sitemeter has just exploded: Edited!!

what's up today? I have four times my usual amoutn of visitors and I doubt they all come for my holidaypictures!

As I expected a scary spamcomment that seems to carry something nasty appeared. I might have to close somments for a while. I am hugely annoyed!

Julia send us spring!

this was the package that waited on our return! (there was more chocolate but well we are apparently not fasting this Lent!)

And there was more: This little fairy has left Wales to live in our garden. The children were so excited! Thanks Julia

dinsdag, maart 04, 2008

We bought the glasses

and it was much easier then buying son's first glasses. I really didn't mind that much this time around and feel a lot more comfortable with glasses (neither me or husband ever had glasses so we were at a complete loss) the first time round. She is getting a very cool rayban. I tried to steal a picture but they won't let me.. For the really really interested she is getting the RB1015T in red

maandag, maart 03, 2008

Recipe for a fantastic homecoming

1 have a good holiday
2 have your mom clean the entire house when you are at the beach
3 win a contest so that there is package from Julia waiting when you come home!!

zondag, maart 02, 2008

02 march

nothing to tell, nothing to show.. Five hours in the car lunch at my grandpa's.. Just trying to to the^&*^&% 365 post this year!