dinsdag, februari 12, 2008


Son was ill yet again yesterday. He was actually full of live but his guts were upset somehow and one doesn't send a five year old to school when he is justifyable scared to poop his pants.

So we puttered around outside all day. And I made a spring wreat and together we made another one. And Now I show you just his because well I like it better! Darn kid..

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Levin (and Emily) zei

great wreath!

sorry about the photo. it must be very strange to hear someone say they hate blue skies - and normally i love them - but we haven't had rain for so long!!!

i love your thoughts on spring - i feel the same way - i love winter, but when i come out on a warmish day and feel the sun in the air and smell the orange blossom, i just start to feel something almost like hope. strange, but true!

keep warm

Gina zei

You have a lovely blog, your spring wreath is so beautiful ~ very clever!
Love your reflection and light photos too! {found you via Levin's blog} Will be back again soon :O)

weirdbunny zei

Your wreath is so adorable !