zaterdag, februari 09, 2008

Oh what a beautiful day

Before global warming march was my favourite month of the year. Just for days like today. The blue skies, the bright sunshine and the smell of spring in the air. Husband is away testing his satelite thing today (It is torture I tell you. He works in the dunes but there is a enormous fence between him and the sea ;-)

Anyway we went to the goats farm. It was heavenly. I had a book and a coffee and while the children played endlessly the farm cat decided she liked my lap and went down there.

We had a organic goat cheese sandwich for lunch fed the chickens andgave a bottle of milk to the little lambs and there wasn't a tantrum, even when we had to leave..

Icing on the cake was some thrifting I did while the children were at a friends. Husband took the camera so I'll share with you later but there was loads of craftingstuff and it was sale! It was truly a wonderful day!!