donderdag, februari 07, 2008


It is officially lente and we were so going to do something about that, and I haven't got a clue.. Sunday we had youthgroup at my church and I had the honour to talk to 6 teenagers (5 boys) about lente and living sober and we had to list things we would really miss if we had to quit them for fourty days. What is your addiction? I had to go for coffee and internet. So naturally that would be the ones I would quit but I am unsure I can do it..

The flesh is weak people..

We have not decided what to do with the children we might just do the eating simple saving money option..

I feel lame but there you have it..

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Levin (and Emily) zei

we try to give up chocolate. that way on easter sunday the eggs taste mighty good. we tend to eat a little too much chocolate in my household so it's a good one to give up.
don't give up blogging!
you could always give up cauliflower!

chest of drawers zei

Eating simple, saving money is a big challenge!