maandag, februari 04, 2008

I am done

birthing children. On the other site of the street I spotted this white coated lady making coffee. She is a kraamverzorgster. A maternitynurse that assists with a homebirth and cares for you, your baby and your family in the first 10 days after birth. Seeing her through the window, on which a garland anounces that it is a girl, I realised I am really really done. I love babies and I always thought I wanted 3 children.. But no the primal want that lived in my womb before the pregnancy of both babies has left me. I get melancholic seeing other woman starting motherhood (I was making coffee as well on saturday when te midwife arrived) but the feeling that comes first is: Been there, done that.

Never ever expected that ;-)

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Leen zei

got the same feeling after my two sons but got two more children ....years later : )

Levin (and Emily) zei

i felt the same after julian but then had louis next. now i see little newborn babies and they make my heart melt, but i don't want anymore. i like where my life is now. i do feel a little sad that that part of my life is over - but never sad for long. happy to have three happy healthy, sometimes naughty, children.