woensdag, februari 20, 2008

a few reasons why I feel sad and a few resaons why I am happy


*My girl has pottytrained here self over night she is such a big girl now, I will probaby never change a baby's diapers on a dailey basis

*At the church youth group I lead we talked about friendship and I thought about friends lost and friendships changing and I wished I was one of those people who make friends every where and I wished some more friends for husband too. He is a great friend to have!

*I wish I was a bit better housewife. I look around and it is dirty!

*Just because..


*My big girl has potty trained herself over night I am so proud might burst

*I have some great friends and made some new.I love my friends! On hyves I recently got back in touch with my first year of college roommates and We will meet up for a chat

* Next week we will be at the beach and my mom will come clean this place. Love my mom!

* Every day there is somthing beautiful to experience and often I catch these moments..

* did I tell you I will be at the beach for over a week Which mean I will write handwritten blogposts and post them when I am back

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