vrijdag, februari 01, 2008


or should I say lack of confidence. Since seeing again why I want to start a business and why I wanted to start this business I to my own surprise kept in touch with the new found vision. I had imagined me having daily sessions of scares and doubts and I didn't. I grew a bit careless and could even cope with the questions of the scepticalls. And then I was doing maths for the tax officer and suddenly it jumped me from behind and got me by my throat. And I didn't recognise fear and his mate 'I am not good enough'. I scaled my figure down and down again and then send it in. Because I would easily make that.

So now I have to go in a meeting with mr boogyman taxofficer to convince him this is indeed a business and yes I need day care to do this..

Life is often one step forwards and two steps back..

Tonight I am back with a real sewn thing I crafted!!!!

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