vrijdag, februari 29, 2008

29 februari spot the difference

This is the one day of from the 365 days of blogging thing and this is the one day I want
to have blogged. The day we said yes, the day I changed my name the day we got married. We don't get to celebrate every year and I don't want to pass on our second anniversary. It was small and it stormed but we had dinner together drove around (in the storm) and I was so happy that I married this man! I made this picture in the mirror with the camera on my belly I like it and I think he looks just as handsome as here

(I think the biggest differences were dancing around our feet, don't burst my bubble)

donderdag, februari 28, 2008

28 februari: we went to the doctor (again)

My daughter seems to have the misconception that we haven'\t really been on holiday if she hasn't seen a doctor. So far we have had her in the hospital with pneumonia for a week on her very first holiday and we had the time we had to get her stitches when we were on the island for a whole two hours. This time she had a small thorn in her knee and it wouldn't come out. We left it for a short while but that was not a good idea. It got massively inflamed. So in the end the doctor cut it out with a knife. Her dad almost passed out (I wasn't braver or anything I just didn't watch! ). Her is the knee with a cool bandage!

woensdag, februari 27, 2008

27 februari: Neeltje Jans

We went to Neeltje Jans once again! above we are standing in the Stormvloedkering.

It is still such a thing to see. Our park is right one side of it so I have seen it so much and it stillis awesome...

dinsdag, februari 26, 2008

26 februari: We blew bubbles

and didn't have to wear a coat! (this and some to follow are shoots my love made)

maandag, februari 25, 2008

vrijdag, februari 22, 2008

22 februari: Someone swapped my kid

It is scary. You know I had this non sleeping diaperwearing girl and all of a sudden she is sleeping through the night and in cute my little pony underpants and
to make the change all the more obvious just a couple of hours before going on holiday we went to see the eye doctor and it was decided we will have two kids with glasses. Which is cute but expensive!

Our daughter has been seen by the eye doctors since she was one because we as parents had the idea that there were issues. Since brother has issues we were welcome every year for a check up. This time rather spectacularly there were indeed issues the doctor could see. Mainly one eye being a lot weaker then the other and problems with seeing depth. No eye patch just yet but it was really weird to be right after all.. ( it was so obvious. staring at the test cards saying: ehm it might be a duck or a car? )

But we know she looks cute with glasses!

donderdag, februari 21, 2008

Postcard for you!

goodbye diapers

two accidents since mondaymorning I proclaim her pottytrained! She raises herself in this. Speaking of diapers Any clothdiaperers out there who can help me with my list of good intentions. I have some cute diapers looking for new babybottoms!

woensdag, februari 20, 2008

a few reasons why I feel sad and a few resaons why I am happy


*My girl has pottytrained here self over night she is such a big girl now, I will probaby never change a baby's diapers on a dailey basis

*At the church youth group I lead we talked about friendship and I thought about friends lost and friendships changing and I wished I was one of those people who make friends every where and I wished some more friends for husband too. He is a great friend to have!

*I wish I was a bit better housewife. I look around and it is dirty!

*Just because..


*My big girl has potty trained herself over night I am so proud might burst

*I have some great friends and made some new.I love my friends! On hyves I recently got back in touch with my first year of college roommates and We will meet up for a chat

* Next week we will be at the beach and my mom will come clean this place. Love my mom!

* Every day there is somthing beautiful to experience and often I catch these moments..

* did I tell you I will be at the beach for over a week Which mean I will write handwritten blogposts and post them when I am back

maandag, februari 18, 2008

If you don't own a blogspot blog

you might not have realised that the %$&#$%& spellchecker has died a couple of weeks ago. So I am completely on my own in this stubborn english language and I am afraid it shows..

God happens

Last saturday I spend the afternoon in a churchhall hearing a discussion about "The Question of God in our time."
It was long and sometimes a tiny bit boring. But I heard good poetry, I have laughed and there were things said that resonated with me.

There was talk about not being too clear about who God is (because we don not know). There was refered to talking about God as circling around a secret and then someone said: God does not exist. God happens..

It is something I will be thinking through for a while. Somehow it feels right in a poetic sense. It might have been what I really wanted to say here but then simpler (which is a miracle in it 's own way since the person saying this was a theologist, not a proffession known for keeping it simple).

zaterdag, februari 16, 2008

this is so much fun

How well do you know the world?

I must say I am embarrisingly bad in locating american cities

donderdag, februari 14, 2008

And this one is for Levin!

And here is why!

Priorities, priorities

My house might be dirty, the laundry overflowing and grocery scares, but when my very very cool new businesscards arrived I had to sew them a neat little holder...

When you are thinking you recognise the gorgeous leaf, you might be right. I was so in love with this image that I decided to ask Lisa if we could negotiated me using it. And I could and now I have this gorgeous logo to use..

So happy!

dinsdag, februari 12, 2008


Son was ill yet again yesterday. He was actually full of live but his guts were upset somehow and one doesn't send a five year old to school when he is justifyable scared to poop his pants.

So we puttered around outside all day. And I made a spring wreat and together we made another one. And Now I show you just his because well I like it better! Darn kid..

maandag, februari 11, 2008


Every year when the light returns to the Netherlands somewhere in february, I start to realise how much I've missed it. It's like something insides me awakenes at just that day when a sun beam reaches in the room, the blackbirds hesitatingly start to sing and the first flowers appear in the garden. I don't know what it is: I don't mind winter, I don't feel depressed and still there is a bit of happiness, a bit of joy that is part of me but that tends to hibernate..

It is awake now and I am happy!

zondag, februari 10, 2008


My name is Mijk and I I cant stop making bitty booties

I think I love these ones the most so far! And see there was sun in my garden again!

zaterdag, februari 09, 2008

Oh what a beautiful day

Before global warming march was my favourite month of the year. Just for days like today. The blue skies, the bright sunshine and the smell of spring in the air. Husband is away testing his satelite thing today (It is torture I tell you. He works in the dunes but there is a enormous fence between him and the sea ;-)

Anyway we went to the goats farm. It was heavenly. I had a book and a coffee and while the children played endlessly the farm cat decided she liked my lap and went down there.

We had a organic goat cheese sandwich for lunch fed the chickens andgave a bottle of milk to the little lambs and there wasn't a tantrum, even when we had to leave..

Icing on the cake was some thrifting I did while the children were at a friends. Husband took the camera so I'll share with you later but there was loads of craftingstuff and it was sale! It was truly a wonderful day!!

donderdag, februari 07, 2008


It is officially lente and we were so going to do something about that, and I haven't got a clue.. Sunday we had youthgroup at my church and I had the honour to talk to 6 teenagers (5 boys) about lente and living sober and we had to list things we would really miss if we had to quit them for fourty days. What is your addiction? I had to go for coffee and internet. So naturally that would be the ones I would quit but I am unsure I can do it..

The flesh is weak people..

We have not decided what to do with the children we might just do the eating simple saving money option..

I feel lame but there you have it..

woensdag, februari 06, 2008


No it's not freezing......

But the good news according to my son is that one pane of glass is still whole..

(yes it was him....)

dinsdag, februari 05, 2008

A very good start to the morning.

My son yesterday got up put his clothes on went downstairs and when we came down he had set the table.Got the bread on it and the cheese and meat and butter two coFfeecups for us two milglasses for us. I cherished our breakfast thinking this was a spectacular one of. But my sweetheart has apparently decided to make a habit out of it. This mommy can get used to it!

maandag, februari 04, 2008

The bag that doesn't like to be photograped

I swear I tried.. My friend and I even wrestled for 20 valuable talking and drinking beer minutes with a bluetooth thingie after she cellphonedpictured it for you. With no luck and today the light was out once again!
So here is one of the most decent pictures that shows absolutely nothing

And that is me catching up!

I am done

birthing children. On the other site of the street I spotted this white coated lady making coffee. She is a kraamverzorgster. A maternitynurse that assists with a homebirth and cares for you, your baby and your family in the first 10 days after birth. Seeing her through the window, on which a garland anounces that it is a girl, I realised I am really really done. I love babies and I always thought I wanted 3 children.. But no the primal want that lived in my womb before the pregnancy of both babies has left me. I get melancholic seeing other woman starting motherhood (I was making coffee as well on saturday when te midwife arrived) but the feeling that comes first is: Been there, done that.

Never ever expected that ;-)

Stichting in the train

Saturdaymorning I packed my bag for a workmeet with my best friend. It involved a 4 hours of traintravel so i decided to pack some stitch work. This was before reading my morningpaper that had a letter from a reader saying that needleworks and embroidery are hip and can be seen anywhere: "If you take a train you might well encounter me or a fellow stitcher."

It made me smile but imagine my suprise when the lady sitting opposite me took out her small quilt and started adding tiny gorgeous stitches and the lady across the walkway said: No, I quit that I am a lacemaker..

It was a lovely trip and I learned about this new shop in the village my parents live!

zondag, februari 03, 2008

I am so behind now..

like I needed to posts today and I only managed this lame one. To tell you I talked for hours straight with my best friend ever since we had a hug eyepoking fight at school when we were four.

And most of it was business and serious and stuf. So I was out of the house today and that will probably helpfull when I get blogging again tomorrow (actually today it is past midnight ad I just returned home. This is a wild day for this mommy!

vrijdag, februari 01, 2008


or should I say lack of confidence. Since seeing again why I want to start a business and why I wanted to start this business I to my own surprise kept in touch with the new found vision. I had imagined me having daily sessions of scares and doubts and I didn't. I grew a bit careless and could even cope with the questions of the scepticalls. And then I was doing maths for the tax officer and suddenly it jumped me from behind and got me by my throat. And I didn't recognise fear and his mate 'I am not good enough'. I scaled my figure down and down again and then send it in. Because I would easily make that.

So now I have to go in a meeting with mr boogyman taxofficer to convince him this is indeed a business and yes I need day care to do this..

Life is often one step forwards and two steps back..

Tonight I am back with a real sewn thing I crafted!!!!