woensdag, januari 16, 2008


for years I have tried to make my son admit that I am actually Supermom. Of course he always told me that I was just an ordinary mom. I finally got him to admit my supernatural powers by argumenting that seeing that I have two super children I can't be just an ordinary mom.

I am only joking of course I am very much a good enough mom. As most of us are I guess. I however today had one of those supermom days.

Son was still ill and we had painted a painting had another picknick where I gave them a hard boiled egg and the saltshaker. So once and for all they could find out for themselves that too much salt is not tasty at all. Then mailing some letters on their own bike and playing in the playground. It doesn't sound much but it was a day filled with jokes and cuddles and pleasure..

A super family day...

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