dinsdag, januari 08, 2008

Reading out loud

Yesterday I made someone a sandwich and a glass of milk and then while she ate I said in a chair and read out loud. You'd think I was busy as a mom. I was not. It was work. Work for my business and this is what I chose to do and it is lovely. Because you know what I read this elderly lady (who had napped and forgot lunch!)?

I read her the story of her life. Over the last year we have spoken regularly about her long life about what she did and how it felt what she regrets and what made her happy. We really looked back on a long and special life and we saw patterns and growth. Yesterday I read her the final chapters and as I watched her I saw her smile and nod and it was like I could see the memory's rushing thorough her head and when I saw one lonely tear rolling down her cheek I knew I love my new career. I want to tell people their own stories.

Because no matter who you are, you have your own special story

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Autum zei

How wonderful for you and even more so for the person who's story you tell. Beautiful!

chest of drawers zei