vrijdag, januari 11, 2008

The power of trust

In the last couple of weeks I've been practicing the art of trust. More trust and confidence or something like that.
When I was a first time mom I was so shocked to find how completely strangers told me what was 'wrong' with my child whenever he cried.

Oh he is hungry. He is too hot, he is too cold. I hated it. After a couple of weeks walking around with my lovely daughter (who did cry sometimes too!) I realised it never happened.

I then realised that I was a mom who had some confidence in her ability to parent. So people trusted me too know what her baby needed, because I trusted myself as a mom.

Reason I am thinking so much about this right now is that with my business it works quite the same. I completely underestimated how scary it would be to put my business out in the world and when I did in those early stages people were worried for me or very enthusiastic started to gave me bag loads of advice.
Because apparently I didn't show I knew what I was doing and indeed I wasn't and I got influenced by people and got scared and didn't want the advice so I quit talking about it and I drifted further and further away from what I wanted, form the heart of my business. Without really knowing if I really wanted to do it anymore

And then I had to decide: Do I want to do this?I got myself this book. (Buy it if you are dutch and want to work for yourself!)

And It all started to come together again. And before I knew it I was enthusiastically talking about my "Bureau voor levensverhalen" at a party and the response was so different. I trusted me and they trusted me.

It is such a funny process but it works somehow. No conclusions on how and why and no I am not going to be a convert to the secret but I am feeling quit good right now about this re found concept.

Funny thing is that since we have had some sleep trouble with daughter (this is the understatement of the month by the way) I got myself some parenting books from the library and what do I find there: magical thinking. Young children think they can change the world by thinking a change. So funny that it took me 32 to relearn this!

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chest of drawers zei

This post was like a breath of fresh air.

elianne zei

the art of trust...wat heb je dit pakkend beschreven.