maandag, januari 28, 2008


I am behind on my children's fotoalbums for the first time since becoming a mom. Today I realise how important it is to make these albums. I scanned pictures more then 90 years old pictures and boy were the tens and twenties glamorous! But that was not the point. The point was seeing the love for a child mirrored in cute hair bows, cuddles on the beach, outings to the forest. And seeing the child feel the love despite both of these loving parents been death and burried as long as I live..

I mean I am happy as well that my mom made these picture of me.. I think this was the last time I trusted a teenager until I was one myself my neighbour made me believe I could lay an egg...(can't believe I didn't find an excuse to use them in a personal history picture back when I did spt)

There is something more profound hiding in this post but it is slipping into the nonverbal part of my brain every time I want to trap it into letters..

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