maandag, januari 07, 2008


the 3 year old girl and her brother scootering around our bedroom. She is so happy with it! I like this selfportrait by my husband..

She had a grand party! It had a Dikkie Dik cake and Nijntje slingers and a scooter and a my little pony castle and a party dress. That hung in the room because she was not wearing it. I was gobsmacked till she told me today: I can wear the dress to my daycare party, it is still clean!!

What she did wear? A too small pair of trousers and sweater. Put on by her big brother when I left her bedroom because I didn't want to get upset about the partydress failure..

I had shopped for a while to find that dress after I gave the sewing plan I however made the 'button'

For daycare today I made the simplest cupcakes in the world but she was so proud (She did bake the cakes herself!)

So not a very coherent post but there you are partypictures and here I am 7 days in the new year and 7 posts!

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Autum zei

Happy Birthday to your sweet little 3 year-old. Her cake is so pretty! I love that last picture!!